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Make Money Online- the baby steps part 30

There are a number of qualities that will make your website great. We are fortunate enough to know quite a few successful internet entrepreneurs. When we discussed emong ourselves what they did that made them so successful we agreed there were a number of traits, skills and habits they possessed. And we also agreed that it would be beneficial to share those common denominators with you. Let´s have a look at the qualities that some of the very best content website owners we know have in common. These are the things you need to have in place:

1. Singleness of purpose. Building a successful website with plenty of traffic takes time. Lots of time. Make no mistake, there will be bumps in the road. In fact, there will be major setbacks along the way. Your interest will falter. Your determination will fade away. And your once great idea will suddenly not feel that great after all. This is the exact moment in time when most people give up. A seemingly irresistable force is pulling them down. But when you are faced with an irresistable force you most become an immovable object. Singleness of purpose will make you an immovable object when you need it the most. Success in any field of business starts right here.

2. Authority. Not only are they experts in their particular field. Their level of expertise shine through on their websites and this creates a fiercely loyal visitor base that keeps comin back for more. The fact that their knowledge about the subject is second to none drives traffic to their site. There may be other sites that are bigger. But, true experts always bring in a fair share of the total traffic. Superior expertise breeds respect, trust and loyalty among your visitors.

3. Passion. One of the reasons they are such experts in their particular fields is that they´ve spent a huge amount of time honing their skills. Withstanding the rigors of hard work during long periods of time takes passion. And passion will shine through. In your regular work. And on your website.

4. Focus. We all have strengths and weknesses. Great bussinesspeople know how to fully exploit their strengths. Their weaknesses or shortcomings can always be outsourced away. We are aware that the war cehst of many fresh interpreneurs can be somewhat on the meager side, but we are not telling you that you should start splashing around. If you start to see some funds coming in, it is probably be in your best interest to outsource those parts of your work that you dislike the most, or the parts that you are worst at performing. This will work magic for those activities that are your true strengths, and both you and your visitors will benefit from it.

5. Business-orientation. Initially you need to focus on dreating the best possible website with the best possible content. On top of that, in most instances everything you will be creating will be for free. This may not sound like great business. But even if this doesn´t make sense from a traditional business perspective you still need to run your website like a business. Treat your web project like you would any other enterprise. Always stick to your deadlines. Never miss a business meeting or a sales call. Always speak the truth. Never allow short-term profitability to replace long-term business health. Treating your website like a business is just that- good business!

6. Money is secondary. While we have several friends who are raking it in bigtime on the internet, it didn´t start out that way. In fact only one of them who made any money initially. Typically, they all started a website, in time grew obsessed about it, kept improving on it for a long period of time, and finally realized they were sitting on a real goldmine. The lesson here is that they didn´t really think about the money while their website increased its value the most. They only thought about what needed to be done next, and what feature they needed to improve in order to realize their vision. And by not thinking about the money, they are now accumulating it at a record pace.

7. Good citizens. All these guys were pretty cool. In what way? Well, most of them just did good to their community without asking anything in return. In short, they gave a lot more than they received. They asnwered questions in forums. They helped their “competitors” out with their sites. They gave away free advertizing to people from their community. They were positive and helpful. And by being that, their following grew. They got backlinks, many times without even asking about it. People recommended them. They got advertising deals from people they had previously helped out. To a certain degree it seems like karma is present on the internet. If you do good, good things tend to happen.

8. Constant skill improvement. Of the many people we know who have experienced major internet succcess only about a third started out as tech savvy. Most were pretty average computer users with an above-average drive and passion for a specific topic. While they did not start out good in the tech department, today they all know their stuff hands down. Several of them have built entire websites for other companies. Some of them are doing some design work on the side. Some are pretty fluent in several programming languages. Most of them learned their skills from the internet, through trial and error, and by pestering other people in their community. Claiming that you can´t start a website because you don´t have the technical skills won´t fly with us. We´ve seen enough to know that a couple of years of hard work is all it takes to transform the average computer user to a highly skilled webmaster. All it takes i hard work and persevearance.elves a good

9. Impatience. Most of these great interpreneurs are to a certain degree impatient, and quite impulsive in nature. They find a new technology- remake the whole website. They hear about a new plugin- try it out immediately. They find a new content provider- they go all out and give him pole position on their site. We make it sound as if they are irresponsible. they are not. They are simply somewhat overenthusiastic, but they are always on their toes. If one of their great new ideas dosn´t work out they are quick to replace it. And since these folks are never short on new ideas, their websites keep evolving and improving. By being impulsive they are actually trying out lots of different variations, and sticking with the ones that prove to work out. This is exactly the same iterative process so often found in successful entrepreneurs in real life. Your business is never really finished. It is constantly evolving, always responding and adapting to the customers´wants and needs.

10. Social Skills. It is our experience that the best of the best content website operators are quite skilled socially. By that we do not mean that they are the life of the party at a social gathering. Rather they have developed a skillset which involves collaboration with others, the exchange of services and the ability to get hold of free quality content. We know this from our own experience. One of the best interpreneurs we know approached us with a request for adding content to his site. We liked him and gave him the stuff he asked for. Turns out we weren´t the only ones adding our content to his site. While he may not be the life of the party at a social gathering, he has a gift for getting along with people in more mundane settings and most of us are more than happy to help him out from time to time.

Well guys, I hope this list was helpful to you. Maybe we missed something, but we believe this list pretty much sums it all up. These are the things you need in order for your website to thrive. And its all based on real-life internet success stories. We hope you enjoyed reading it at least half as much as we did discussing it.Now its time to skip right to the next part of our guide, “Make Money Online- the baby steps part 31″. Join us for even more lessons of what it takes to give you website a good start.

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