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Build a profitable business- the baby steps part 45

fixed price contractors

sell lots of something

sell few high margin high cist

att starta vid sidan av eller som ny verksamhet


Harvard Study 97-3 percent

anders erickson the talent code deliberate practice

thinkers vs does brystol myers briggs -Jung

16 personlighetstyper länk via google

personlighetstest bygg!


born rich hemsida




Maslows Behovspyramid (Abraham Maslow quotes?)


att vara entreprenör som familjefar- hur kombinera och anpassa


carmichaels citat och bios entreprenörer, resurser, böcker, citat i PDF-format gratis, samft bästa 50 böcker wealth PDF gratis

Making the decision to become an entrepreneur is like deciding to jump out of an airplane for the very first time, with a parachute on your back. You know that whatever happens you are likely to survive, but since it´s the first time you are doing it, you are not sure.


Nothing is certain in life besides death and taxes. (Ta med i skatteartikel).

David Murdoch:

Most people make their “To Do” lists and do the items in the order of preference.  I do my “To Do” list based on the order of importance.  It’s a simple as that.

Ta med i artikel om att lista TO-DO för varje dag.

Read. Continous education. All rich people have a library.


Citat av en entreprenör vi känner:

“Being an entrepreneur gives you tremendous freedom. You get to decide by yourself how to arrange the 100 hours of work you put in each week.”


The truth is that when you tell people what you want to make happen you will be met by scepticism and negative comments. “You are never going to pull that off.” or perhaps “If it were that easy everybody would be doing it” or “The competition in that area is too fierce. How are you going to take on a multinational corporation?”. But as soon as you take your idea and put it into action something happens. The world stops questioning your business ideas and instead becomes intrigued. Why? Because you are one of the few people who have actually transformed an idea into something concrete. The world is reluctant to listen to people with ideas, simply because there are too many of those people around. But once they realize that you are a man of action they start paying attention. Bigtime. And that´s about the same time that those sceptics start being a bit interested. Suddenly all sorts of things start to happen. People are approaching you with questions, suggestions and opportunities. Would you fancy a partnership? Could you come to a business meeting for a discussion? Would you do an interview?

The reason for this turnaround is simple. Somewhere deep down inside most people realize that talk is cheap, and that you have to be able to act to achieve. The problem is that most people seem unable to get themselves to act. And when these people notice a man of action they start to think that maybe, just maybe, that guy is going to strike gold. And maybe I could be part of the ensuing bonanza.

Ideas will get you shot down. Action will get you noticed. Make sure you get noticed a lot!


Forbes lista på världns 100 rikaste miljardärer

By working faithfully 8 hours a day, you may eventually get to be the boss and work 12 hours a day.

Robert Frost


The superior man resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come. Thus, his person is not endangered,  and his States and all their clans are preserved.


What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.


(om attityd, smile osv)


If customer ignorance is a profit center for you, you´re in trouble.

strategy consultant Gary Hamel (in internet and the price transparancy)


sun Tzu if yoiou want peace prepare for war citat. don´t f with me attityd


For instance if you are trying to sell something and the person on the receiving end of your pitch is crossing his/her arms it might be a good idea to back off a bit. Clearly you haven´t been able to establish a relationship that ius trong enough to withstand a selling procedure. Back off, lead the convcersation into some less delicate stuff and try to get some rapport going. You can always try to close a sale later on. Or you can simply wotk on the relationship in the hope of closing a sale further down the road. But be aware of body signals, and don´t try to push a sale down somebody´s throat. It will backfire and nobody will benefit from it. Instead, try to always look for situations where all parties are better off, and the basic conditions for a sale have all lined up in a nice manner.



Hardships are to character what bricks are to buildings. (Mitt eget citat.)






Även om de byggt kapital under åren(vilket man kan förmoda) så krävs det ändå mod att klippa av livlinan till dagarbetet. De lär ju ändå inte ha blivit ekonomiskt oberoende i så pass unga år, särskilt med försörjningsansvar till barn och familj.
Handen på hjärtat. Hur många av er är det inte som “dör långsamt” av att gå in i det där satans kontorslandskapet varje dag. Du har en “fin titel”, ändå exekverar du bara vad nån högt upp i nån beslutskedja fått för sig att du skall jobba med. Inkletad i all corporate BS om vem som rapporterar till vem och hur många ytterligare chefsled det tillkommit i bolaget. Och sedan det ständiga småintegrerandet bland kollegorna om vem som är mest “viktig” för företaget och kampen om småsmulorna från bordet.
Det var ju inte det här du drömde om, när du var 23 år och inget tycktes omöjligt.
Ändå jobbar du på utav ren trygghet och bekvämlighet.
Därför ger jag cred till de här killarna som ändå FAKTISKT brytit upp och vunnit lite frihet. Även om jag kanske tycker det hade varit roligare om affärsidén inte hade handlat om att profitera på sthlms inredningspsykos.



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