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Make Money Online- the baby steps part 23

We have been at it for quite a while. This guide has been created with you , the visitor in mind. We wanted to let you in on some of the stuff we have learned thorughout the years. We are not selling you anything here. We are simply sharing our internet startup experience. We hope it has been helpful so far. We are approaching the end of our journey together, at least regarding this particular guide. Just a couple of more parts left to this guide. In this particular guide, “Make Money Online- the baby steps part 23″ we will do a recap of the most important points made so far. In doing so, we are also preparing ourselves for the final two parts of this guide, where we will attempt to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. A big project needs a thorough plan in place, and we will provide you with just that. No stones will be left unturned.

But for now a quick recap of what you need to be thinking about first and foremost. Here is a list of what will most likely make you a winner in the coming years:

1. Unique, quality content. Please note the phrase unique. Too much material on the web is simply being spun around. While there is certainly no shame in getting some additional inspiration from fellow bloggers or news sites, you still need to produce stuff that is considered new and exciting. nobody will keep coming back to something they have been served before in a different venue. You need to be original, edgy, slightly provocative and a true expert in the field you are covering. People will notice. Your reward will come in the form of return visitors, staying ahead of the SEO keyword curve and making an authority name on behalf of your website.

2. Improve your website regularly. There are lots of small improvements that you can make on your website. Once Google Analytics is in place, you get a front-row seat to the behaviour of your visitors. What are they doing? What do they like, what do they hate? You need to learn from your visitors and you need to adapt to their input. Do this on a regular basis and you will end up having a website that is loved by most, and you are likely to get as whole bunch of frequent visitors. Alos, ask your friends about advice. Very often, all it may take is a couple of subtle changes in order to see a massive improvement. Keep upping your site. This is a marathon, not a sprinting  contest.

3. User Expererience. While content is a great place to start out, the complete experience of the user is really what you need to be targeting. This needs to be at the backbone of everything you do. In fact, before doing anything with regards to your website you need to pause and ask yourself: “Is this beneficial for the users of my website?”. Don´t trade longer-term user experience for shorter-term profits. It might feel great to begin with, but in the end it should all be about the visitor. They are the ones placing your website on the map. They are the ones reading your material and enoying your hard work. And ultimately they will be the ones to pay the bills, should you choose to monetize. Don´t screw it up. Be a straight shooter and they will love you for it. More importantly, they will love your website and recommend it to their friends.

4. Don´t write for the user, write “with” the user. What you produce must not only be preceived as great quality by your visitors. They should also feel that your writing is intended to help them. You want to genuinely try to improve people´s lives. The only way to accomplish this is by focusing less on producing for the user and instead trying to identify with the user of your site. If you were a visitor to your site what type of content would help you out the most? What would improve your life, or at least make your life a little bit easier? In short, what would make you tick? If you manage to write content that is not only of high quality but is also written with the visitor in mind there is  a good chance some of your stuff will go viral.

5. Social Networking offensive. Once you are satisfied with the quality of your site you need to give your social networking strategy a push. This does not only include Facebook and Twitter. try your luck on Youtube, Pinterest and Google+ as well. And be a force to reckon with in your business community. Add value wherever you go, and always leave your link. If you play it smart you will be considered an asset to your community, instead of a desperate url-spammer. You need to work for that traffic. Once the wheels start turning, they tend to keep going. You just need to overcome the initial hurdles.

6. Plan your work and work your plan. We all come from an entrepreneurial background. While we are not extreme fans of detailed business plans we understand the importance of having a plan in place and then working that plan. The plan is less about fancy business projections or high-flying corporate bullshit wordWe don´t do that. Your plan is simply a way to keep score and keep getting things done. A good plan keeps meetings to a minimum, and  puts structured, hard work at the forefront of things. Planning your work is good. Working your plan is the signature of greatness.

We wanted to leave you with the importance of working your plan in mind, since that is what we will be focusing on in the next part of our guide, “Make Money Online- the baby steps part 24″. If you are serious about your online success you don´t want to miss out on this. Please, do join us!

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