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Build a profitable business- the baby steps part 44




Ability to see the bigger picture

It´s all about attitude. Your attitude is important. Some entrepreneurs will even tell you that attitude is everything. We wouldn´t go that far, but it is important. For sure. People will go on and on about this or that. But if you ain´t got the attitude to match the other stuff, business is going to be a lot harder than it could be and should be. That´s not only true for entrepreneurs. You can ask any successful sales person, executive or CEO of a fortune 500 company and they will tell you the same thing. And since being an entrepreneur is really a mixture of all those other professions, attitude is even more important. By attitude we do not only mean the ability to be optimistic. It´s a lot more than that that comes into play.

The best entrepreneurs know that they are going to make it, they are just not sure how they will go about it just yet. We find this attitude to be quite refreshing, and it is typical of our own outlook on business life as well as the attitudes of most entrepreneurs we know. They all feel they are going to win, it´s just a matter of time. And they are ready to put in the necessary time. We don´t think it´s a coincidence that almost all entrepreneurs we have met are competitive in their nature. Some have a background in sports. Some have excelled in other areas. But they are all very competitive, with a healthy dose of self confidence. They expect that they will win. Some of them won´t tell it to your face, but you can feel it. It´s as if they have already seen the future and what it holds in store for them. They already seem to know the destination, so now they are busy making the journey a pleasant one.

Besides a “can-do”-type of attitude, and a conviction that they will make it, most successful entrepreneurs seem to have a positive oulook of the world. They have humour and an optimistic view on even the worst of problems. They smile often and try to maintan a level head at all times. They are not easily intimidated in general. To a small degree we think this is due to personality type, but we also believe that the many setbacks and adversities all entrepreneurs have to go through leaves them with a really thick skin. We have found this attitude to be even mor prevalent in older entrepreneurs. “You can´t do nothing to me I haven´t already had done to me before”, the reasoning seems to be. That attitude makes them come across as completely fearless, on the verge of being arrogant. In reality it is experience doing the talking. These old-timers know that there is no point in worrying about stuff, and they also know that no matter how terrible a situation might appear at a first glance, they usually end up landing firmly on their feet. And what´s the point of worrying or being anxious about something that´s probably never going to happen to begin with.

Winners do it with a smile. Why go through life unhappy? Why not wear a big smile on your face?


Do it with smile

Be optimistic- Smile, humour

So keep working harder than you ever thought possible pursuing your dreams. And smile. We don´t mean one of those silly little girlie smiles. Make it caount. Smile at the world and let everybody know that you are going places. Ear to ear baby.



do what you say and say what you do

Build a business system. Build a business system not a job position. Most people who start a business are typically doing it just because they love doing something, or they have aquired skills in a particular area of business. In many cases the entrepreneur has held a similar or identical job at his/her previous employment and now wishes to continue working, but with more freedom and the potential to take a larger part in the business profits. Most people who start a business are not really entrepreneurs in the true sense of the word. They work in their business, but they forget to work on their business. The system is what makes money. The system is what provides the leverage. The system is what leads to success. Try to continually improve your system and the rest will take care of itself. We once heard an entrepreneur friend of ours say that the word SYSTEM is really an acronym for “Save Yourself Some Time Energy and Money”. That phrase has stuck with us ever since.


Think like a producer. Not a consumer. When it boils down to it there are only two kinds of people. The producers who own the facilities that produce and sell goods and services. And consumers who work for the producers and use that hard-earned cash to buy the products of the producers. Be a producer. Another way to put this is: be an entrepreneur. But being an entrepreneur is not enough. You need to be an entrepreneur who has the mindset of a producer. Producers can forsake things today in order to achieve even greater things tomorrow. Consumers want things now and are willing to suffer in the future just to be able to enjoy themselves now.

Would you rather be the guy wearing the fancy clothes and watches or would you rather own the companies that sells it to them?

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