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Make Money Online- the baby steps part 15

4. User experience. They claim that content is king. We beg to disagree. Quality content presented in a crappy fashion will be lost. Great content presented in a dishonest fashion will be lost. Quality content needs quality context in order to prosper. When everything is aligned, great things can happen. But it will take time. The internet is a huge place, and there are countless alternatives and endless possibilities for those browsing it. If you don´t have your house in order, you will be passed over, in search for greener pastures. Your bounce rate will be high. People won´t even give your material a chance. And if they don´t give your content a chance, your traffic stats won´t get to dance.

Our advice is to treat your users as paying customers, although you are not making a dime of them. Even better, treat them as your personal friends. Be genuinely helpful. Have their best interest in mind. Try to go the extra mile. Give, and do not ask to receive. Make the web a better place, and affect people´s lives. It´s not only the right thing to do, we strongly believe that it is great bussiness practice as well. All of us at Richopedia.com are long-time, successful entrepreneurs. We have been doing business with the same people for a very long time. The reason behind this is not that we are afraid of change (quite the opposite is true actually). We simply like our business contacts. They are honest, hard-working and always on time. And they are of the highest integrity. Since they have earned our trust we do business with them, over and over. While making the big buck is fairly easy short-term, the longer-term route is far more rewarding if you stick with it. Ironically, in a world where content is free, easily acessible and just one mouse-click away, quality content and a high level of user experience is still hard to find, at least regarding certain areas of interest. The paradox is that the less you focus on money and the more you focus on user experience, the better of you will be in the long run. It is not a guarantee that you will make it. But you are certainly setting yourself up with the best possible odds.

The principles behind successful business is the same, regardless of arena. The internet needs more quality entrepreneurs. Be a man of integrity. Work hard. And provide quality. These principles will work wonders not only for your pocketbook, but to your soul as well. If the users love you, all else will fall in place. If the users love you you will get loads of backlinks, the keywords won´t really matter that much and there will be lots of people who want to contribute content to your site. All this will lead to even more love by search engines. Give you users an experience and Google and the others will follow. We here at Richopedia.com certainly like the ring of that. It means that, Google and the other bots, are really making the internet a better place. And so should you.We believe that the bots will get even smarter over time, and that keyword optimization will take the back seat even more and leave room for user experience. And that´s when the golden ages of the internet revolution will begin.

So there you have it. We have now covered the four driving forces behind the ultimate success of your content website. Get them wrong, and your website will become stranded alone in the desert. Abide by them and the world will beat a path to your door. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Write with the users`experience in mind. Where the humans go, the bots and spiders will follow.

We have thus far avoided to penetrate the many different alternatives that are available once you wish to monetize you website. We are saving these topics for later parts of this guide, since they are not that important in the beginning. But we do want to cover some of the more basic considerations regarding the most common way to monetize. In the next part of our guide “Make Money Online- the baby steps part 16″ we will examine some of the typical questions surrounding Google AdSense. Follow us as we delve yet deeper into the exciting world of the online entrepreneur.


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