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Make Money Online- the baby steps part 14

We have now reached the third key factor out of the big four, keyword optimization. We have previously covered (1) content and (2) backlinks. In the next part of our guide we will take a closer look at (4) user experience. But first, let´s focus on keyword optimization in”Make Money Online, the baby steps part 14″;

3. Keyword optimization. When you search for a topic on the internet you typically write something that you feel adequately describes what you are searching for. The words you use as description are called keywords. There is a whole industry surrounding the keyword concept, you have probably heard about it several times by now. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving your website´s visibility for search engines. You do this by writing keyword-rich content whith high relevance for those keywords or phrases that you wish to rank high for. You can also improve your website´s visibility by improving the conditions for the search engines and their indexing activities. By using WordPress, plenty of this work has already been done. WordPress, in itself, is constructed with SEO in mind. But you need to give it a boost by installing a Google XML Sitemap and also some form of SEO plugin (All in One SEO pack is a good start).

There are so many things to consider when it comes to SEO that writing a beginner´s guide on the subject almost feels overwhelming. Where do you start? Well, considering that there are a lot of guys out there with some serious skills in this area, we do not feel that you need to overdo it. Don´t go for the coveted keywords. You won´t get them. Don´t try to game the system. Google have a tendency to punish those who do. And in the long run we are certain Google will find more ways to weed out those websites who are the real deal, from those who are merely faking it. So, our advice is to learn the basics of SEO. Plug in the XML Sitemap and the SEO pack and calibrate them. This work has two dimensions. First, you want keywords that are popular in terms of quantity. Second, you want these keywords to have low competition. What this means is that the keywords that are highly attractive are usually pursued by quite a few heavyweight websites. Your chances to compete with them are zero, at least when you are starting out. It is often better to go for some of the lower-demand, easier to compete keywords in the beginning. You can always up your ambitions later on. Spend quite a bit of time doing keyword research for your website during the first year. Once you have your house in order, you can do considerably less. Just spend 1 hour a month on SEO, activities. try to incorporate as much as possible of your keyword optimization strategy in your daily website updates. For instance, when writing your posts, be sure to include some targeted keywords. If possible try to include them where it matters (for instance headings, beginning of body and end of body) and try to get soem sort of keyword density going for some posts. If you can do posts with a targeted keyword density of some 2-4 %, without affecting the visitor experience negatively, and you do this on a regular basis you will ultimately get some nice traffic going in the long run. Just don´t overdo it. If you have a regular business and you are setting up a website to promote that business, or simply get some web presence going there is one yhing you should remember as far as keyword optimizarion is concerned. You need to have a high keyword density for the line of business your company is in and also the name of the city that you are operating in. For example,  if you get around 2-4 % keyword density for  variations of “limousine rental london”, you should be quite ok. Also, you should be receiving a fair amount of traffic (and business) from Google if you set this up correctly.

We don´t do much SEO ourselves. Frankly we don´t care all that much. Richopedia.com is intended for the benefit of people. We will leave it to others to write for the benefit of search engines. . This website was created partly because there is just so much dishonest, untruthful and just plain stupid “get rich quick”-nonsense out there. Being highly successful entrepreneurs ourselves, we simply couldn´t stand it any more. We were sick of clowns, charlatans and sleazy websites promising the world for just $ 99.99 of your hard-earned savings. It would feel weird to game the system within this context. Another reason behind this website is a genuine interest in reaching out to other people and help them improve their financial standing. If you truly want to get rich, don´t listen to the flashy commercials or let yourself be mesmerized by cool design and ridiculous promises. Learn from those who have done it themselves. We are not trying to sell you a dream. We are trying to help you reach your dream. This website is sort of a social experiment. We want to see what can be accomplished by simply offering quality stuff, with no allterior motive. If we have any part at all in your future success, we want you to know there is nothing that could make us happier. Do some keyword optimization. A good place to start would be www.seomoz.org which is a really helpful resource. But don´t overdo it. Those who try to game the system too hard often end up outsmarting themselves in the long run. A successful bussiness is a marathon, not a sprint. Just like the folks at Google use to say: “Don´t be evil.”

We have covered (1) content, (2) backlinks and (3) keyword optimization thus far. In the next part of our guide “Make Money Online, the baby steps part 15″, we are going to take a closer look at user experience.

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