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Make Money Online- the baby steps part 12

You have now read 11 parts of our guide dealing with making money online. We hope you are excited about reading “Make Money Online. the baby steps part 12″, where we will stress the importance of content. In the nex four parts of our guide we will be covering the big four, the key factors that will ultimately decide how successful your website will become. If you neglect any one of these key factors you will suffer from it. They are all interrelated. You need to pay attention to them all, although some of them are more important than others. We could write a book about each part of the big four, but that would be suboptimal. This part of the guide, “Make Money Online- the baby steps part 12″, will deal with the first part of the big four, the importance of content. In the upcoming three parts we will be covering backlinks, keyword optimization and the user experience. If you follow our advice regarding the big four you will be in good shape. As always the rule of 80-20 applies. What this means is that if you follow the advice in this guide you will get 80 % of the results by only spending 20 % of the time. There is loads more information out there, and there are a lots of details to consider. But it is, too a large degree, a waste of your time. Instead of spending 80 % of your time trying to get the last 20 % perfect, you are far better of putting that energy into further development of your website. We have abided by these rules in numerous projects and on countless websites. We practice what we preach, and we know that this works. If these principles work for us, they are likely to work for you as well. Nothing would make us happier.

1. Content. By now you we expect that you have surfed around on the internet, looking for additional ways to learn more about making money online. In your search for wisdom and internet riches we are pretty certain you have come across the saying “content is king”. Sometimes sayings can be misguided. This time that is not the case. Content is king. Hands down. But content alone will only get you thus far. You need more, and we will cover the other aspects of the game in this part of our guide. But first let´s focus on our content. By now you are probably aware of the fact that Google and the other search giants will reward unique, quality content and that it is prefferable if you have lots of it on your site. The more content the search engines have to crawl over on your website, the happier they will be. And they happier they are, the more likely it is that they will ultimately reward you. If your content isn´t unique, that is if you copy somebody else´s work and try to cut corners, the search engines are likely to find out. If they do you will either loose ranking, or be banned from the search engines altogether, depending on the nature of your offense.

You can think of every post and every page on your website as a tiny magnet. Each magnet (post or page) on your site will draw a small trickle of visitors to it. Some will draw more, and some less. But they will all attempt to draw traffic, based on the relevant keywords that they contain. If you have lots of magnets (posts and pages) these small trickles will begin to add up. After all, a lot of small magnets will have the same effect as one very big magnet, and the attraction of this magnet will not be easily overlooked by the search engines crawling the web. Moreover, once the search engines have worked their magic, the humans will start finding your posts and pages. Depending on the quality and relevance of your content, the human visitors will start to link to some of those posts and pages. Once they start linking, those pages and posts will start to attract even more attention, and a positive spiral will emerge.

By now you understand that the content needs to be of high quality. But you also realize that there needs to be a lot of content on your site. The more the better. This is especially true if your website is a resource or an information site. If that is the case your goal should be to establish an informational powerhouse on your website. It may take you several years, but it will likely pay of handsomely in the long run. As a rule of thumb, if you have an information website you should be spending 90 % of your time adding quality content, and only 10 % of your time working on the technical aspects of your website. Also, you need to keep in mind that if you add and update your content on a regular basis you will get repeat visitors. If people like your content and realize that you are adding it on a continual basis they will likely keep coming back. And there is nothing as valuable as frequent visitors. This is the reason many professional bloggers try to write on a daily basis. Some of them employ a simple rule of thumb: to write at least 3 quality posts a day. While it may be tedious work it often drives serious traffic, and for those who keep it up for a number of years, the results usually follow.

There are some important general guidelines to remember when you are choosing a topic to write about. You want to be writing about something that you know a lot about, and have a lot of personal experience from. You want to cover a topic that you are very passionate about. You want to write about something that you have a seemingly endless supply of information about. In general, the more you are able to write about a particular topic, the more money you will eventually make. And to write that much material takes knowledge, experience, time and passion. Blend all those mixtures together- and you get a delicious coctail of quality content. And that is the name of the game.

So there we go. We have just covered the first key factor of the big four: content. The three that remain are backlinks, keyword optimization and user experience. In the next part of our guide, “Make Money Online- the baby steps part 13″, we will have a look at the second key factor of the big four,; backlinks. Please join us as we delve deeper into what ultimately makes a website tick, and what online practices ultimately provide value for the user and coin for the producer.



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