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Build a profitable business- the baby steps part 9

We have reached, “Build a profitable business- the baby steps part 9″, where we will take a closer look at the different alternatives that are available for the average individual searching for wealth. Keep in mind that the model we are about to present to you is a broad generalization. All models of the world are. What they lack in microaccuracy, they make up for in a comprehensive bird´s eye view and a deep understanding of the situation. The way we look at it there are five different roads available for an individual to choose from. The five groups you can choose to be a part of in your financial journey are the “Trying to get by”-group, the “Middle class”-group, the “Penny pincher”-group, the “Self-employed”-group, and the “Business System Entrepreneur”-group. Very often the choice of which group you wish to belong to is almost exclusively dependant on your personal beliefs, and in many cases your limiting beliefs. The five different roads available all lead to different financial outcomes. However, we want to stress the fact that we don´t claim that one financial road will lead to more happiness than another. There is neither a positive nor a negative correlation between which of these five financial journeys you take and how happy you become. There is however a very distinct positive correlation between which financial road you take and how wealthy you will ultimately become. So in a nutshell; go for rich and happy. Here are the five different roads at your disposal:

1. “Trying-to-get-by”-group. In the “Trying to get by”-group you will generally find people of lesser means. Some are nine-to-fivers- ranging from working class to middle class- and some of them don´t have a job at all. In general, this group has mediocre educational background, although the group average as a whole is dragged down by a significant amount of individuals with no education whatsoever. The latter may often live in areas with social challenges. Sadly, most of the individuals in this group will never attempt to better their life or try make the move to another social class. In this group there are no plans about financial prosperity. There are no plans about anything. It´s a daily hassle of trying to get by. Makings ends meet. As unlikely as it may sound, people from this group can change their economic life. But it won´t come easy.

The truth is that many individuals in this group have a number of obstacles to overcome in order to be able to stand a chance of becoming wealthy. But it can be done. The leap to financial prosperity must be built on even more determination and perseverance, and the process is likely to cover more steps and might take longer time. But it can be done.

In fact, many individuals coming from this group have some major strengths compared to their competition. They are usually tough. They are used to working hard, they are better aquainted with risk and they are more used to hardships. Given the right circumstances we would pick an individual from this group over any other group, when looking for the next “most-likely-to-succeed” story. After all being an entrepreneur resembles the lifestyle they are already used to. Being an entrepreneur is also about “trying to get by”. At least initially.

Many belonging to this group have some obstacles to overcome before their real journey towards wealth can begin. It can be aggravating circumstances such as unemployment, serious levels of debt, health issues et c. We are realistic and we might as well tell you that we have met individuals that are simpy not in a position to search for wealth at that moment in time. That being said, we believe that the vast majority of people can get rich if they are simply willing to make the neccessary sacrifices. The problem, we have found, is that this is where the real problem lies in most cases.

Many individuals have a keen interest in aquiring wealth. Once they understand the level of work involved, the motivation has a tendencey of fading away.

Perhaps Thomas Alva Edison described it best: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.”



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