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Make Money Online- the baby steps part 28

We have reached “Make Money Online- the baby steps part 28″ where we will go into details regarding how to use the weekly and daily plan. The weekly and daily plan is our last and final tool to ensure that we DO and not just PLAN.

As I stated before I have a daily quota of quality content I need to produce. I have to do 2 000 words a day. I do the majority of that work by rising up 1-2 hours earlier than most folks each day. At times this may feel like a heavy burden. But most of the time I actually enjoy it. Since I have a lot of business meetings, business trips, board meetings and other things to attend to I need to be highly effective and structured in order to be able to do good on my commitments. This is where my weekly and daily plan come in handy.

Since I know I need to write 2000 words a day on average I have to work that into my week. Many of the biggest bloggers today had a situation in their earlier days where they had a job to attend to. Their blogs where simply a hobby they cultivated on the side. For me, this pretty much describes ny situation. I have a couple of “real-life” businesses which take up most of my time. They are my bread and butter. While I do make money on the internet, some of the other guys are actually way more successful on the web than me. Anyway, 2 000 words a day adds up to 14 000 words per week. Each Sunday I sit down and plan my week. Since my content plan is in place I already know what topics I will be covering during the next 3-6 months. I take my pick out of that smorgasbord and then I simply try to work it into my work-week. Some days I write 4 000 words. Other days I don´t do any writing at all. But once the week is over I make sure I have always done my 14 000 words of quality content. One way or the other.

When I know I am approaching a vacation or a business trip or a period of time where my primary business needs more effort and time than is usually the case I simply work that into my plan. At times I write 18 000 words a week instead of the allotted 14 000. Once I kept that up for a while I can go on an extended vacation with a clear consciense. You see, whatever happens, I make sure I get it done. And once that mindset is developed, it becomes habit. And once something becomes habit, it stops feeling overwhelming. It just comes natural.

A warning may be in order. In the beginning your alloted weekly and daily content producing work load will feel ruthless. This passes as time goes by. You learn to be more effective. You incorporate your writing into your daily habits. You begin to utilize those periods where you previously didn´t do very much of value. Waiting for your plane to depart? Do some research. Waiting for your plane to reach its destination? Write a post. Waiting for business meeting to start? Wake up 2 hours earlier than the rest of your family? Your lunch date is running 15 minute late? There is plenty of time in a week that you didn´t realize you had. I am not sure how I spent that time before. My best guess would be I did a lot of day dreaming. I still do. But now I manage to slip in some writing between my other work and my day dreaming sessions.

Another benefit is that it feels good. Once you have accustomed yourself to the extra work, and it doesn´t bother you as much anymore, you actually start feeling very good about yourself. If you are anything like me, you like the feeling of accomplishment and pushing forward towards your goals. The world is really seperated into the people who do and the people who dream. I dream a lot, but I also do a lot. The things I get done during a day would exhasut most people. But I can honestly say that once you plan your work and then learn to work that plan your life somehow seems that much more uncomplicated. When you develop new habits, somehow your day starts too feel longer. You focus on doing the right things. And you become more effective in doing them. You slowly start to get it.

That´s it for our guide on creating a weekly and daily plan. We will now be heading for “Make Money Online- the baby steps part 29″, where we will delve deeper into some of the knowledge we feel will come in handy in order for you to be able to make money online. We hope you would like to come along for the ride.

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